SynInnova strives to bring a wide range of specialty compounds. We design unique compound libraries as advanced tools for drug discovery, enabling new generations of chemical entities. Our compound libraries are designed to possess drug-like properties and they are created using innovative technologies along with traditional medicinal chemistry principles. Our broad range of advanced intermediates and scaffolds, including building blocks, novel amines, protected amines, unnatural amino acids, ketones, aldehyde, heterocycles, isatoic anhydrides, boroinc acids, peptides, glyco-peptides, carbohydrates and chiral intermediates which can accelerate your drug research process. In addition to those, new compounds are added to the product list periodically.

If you do not find your required compound in our catalogue, or not commercially available, we will assist you to get your desired molecule. So, please feel free to contact us for non-catalogue products either at or simply submit your quote request. We endeavor to respond with a reasonable price and delivery time within 24 - 48 hours.

We take pride in having an over 97% success rate for Non-Catalogue products, based on timeline, quality and customer satisfaction, and we aspire to make it 100%. We only charge if we deliver to your satisfaction.